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Lloyd’s (formerly Lloyd’s of London) describe themselves as, the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance market, with a history stretching back over 300 years and throughout that time the company has been located in EC3.

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In the 1680s Edward Lloyd’s coffee house, in Tower Street, was a place where information on shipping was exchanged.

Given the risks associated with shipping and maritime trade, maritime insurance became increasingly important and within 150 years Lloyd’s began to dominate shipping insurance.

They moved to Lombard Street in the early 18th century but divisions amongst its underwriters led to a breakaway group establishing a new Lloyd’s coffee house in Pope Head’s Alley and the former Lloyd’s ceased to exist.

In the late 19th century Lloyd’s branched out into non marine business and its international reputation grew. It became a global business.

Having started out offering marine insurance, today Lloyd’s cover some of the world’s largest and most complex risks and identify more than sixty lines of insurance and reinsurance.

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Lloyd's has provided some of the most famous celebrity body-part policies. These arrangements began during the silent-film era.

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