EC3 London

Finance and Commerce

Royal Exchange

The City of London prides itself as a global business hub for financial and related services. 

Business plays a large part in EC3 and one of the world’s best known insurance markets, Lloyds of London, has its home here as well as some of the world’s best known insurance companies, e.g. Aviva, W R Berkley, Charles Taylor and AIG reside here.

Traditionally a hub for maritime related business the district is also home to:

The hospitality sector is well represented in EC3 with a rapid expansion of hotels setting up in the district, including a cluster close to the Tower of London.

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Gresham's grasshopper
Lombard Street

At the heart of the commercial City it follows the line of a Roman road that entered the City at Aldgate.

Corn Exchange

The location of two markets within EC3 was due to the River Thames. Billingsgate and the Corn market.

Couch & Hoskin
Businesses in EC3

The location of two markets within EC3 was due to the River Thames.

Royal Exchange 1880s
Royal Exchange

The idea for an Exchange came from Thomas Gresham, a City banker, and his father.

Lloyd's Building

Lloyd’s describe themselves as the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance market.

Baltic Exchange
Baltic Exchange

Involved in a significant proportion of the world’s ship chartering, sale and purchase business.

Lloyds Register
Lloyd’s Register

Founded in 1760 at the same coffee house as Lloyd’s of London, Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House in Lombard Street.