EC3 London

Clocks in EC3 London

St Magnus the Martyr
Clock - St Magnus the Martyr

Projecting out from the tower of St Magnus the Martyr in Lower Thames Street, this clock was provided by Lord Mayor Sir Charles Duncombe in 1709.

Before Old London Bridge was destroyed it hung over the roadway.

As an apprentice to a goldsmith, Charles Duncombe used to cross London Bridge every morning on his way to work. Never sure whether he was on time he vowed that if he ever became successful he would give a clock to the church.

The maker was Langley Bradley, a clockmaker in Fenchurch Street, who had worked for Wren on many other projects, including the clock for the new St Paul’s Cathedral.

See St Magnus the Martyr for information about the church itself.

48 Gracechurch Street
Clock - 48 Gracechurch Street

The clock is attached to the side of the building at 48 Gracechurch Street but overhangs Eastcheap. The shape of the clock body is diagonal with round faces, one on each side.

The predominant colour is black with the numbers, hands and some detailing in gold.

The hours are marked with traditional Roman numerals but four is marked IV instead of the usual IIII on clock faces.

The hands have a celestial look to them with a crescent moon and star visible.