EC3 London

History of EC3 London

In Roman times the district was the south-eastern part of Londinium and it was here that the Romans had their basilica and marketplace, which today is occupied by Leadenhall Market.

In the 7th century, some 200 years after the Romans left Britain, the Saxons built All Hallows Barking (now All Hallows by the Tower) and in the 11th century William of Normandy, William I of England, built the Tower of London.

By the 13th century the district was home to three religious orders:

The 17th century saw the Great Fire of London break out in 1666 in Pudding Lane.

Through the centuries the location of EC3 alongside the river Thames between Tower Bridge and London Bridge, led to the district becoming one of the busiest sections of the Port of London. This south-eastern quarter became the maritime quarter of the City of London.

The 20th century saw wartime destruction and reconstruction, and over the last fifty years, buildings in EC3 have become a lot taller with the highest buildings in the City of London being in this sector.

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EC3 postcode EC3 Postcode - When & Why

Acting on a proposal from postal reformer Sir Rowland Hill, London was divided into ten postcodes during the late 1850s.

Bakers Hall Livery Companies

Livery Companies began with the trade Guilds where those who worked in the same craft came together.

Maritime Maritime EC3

With the river Thames as its southern boundary, EC3 was once the heart of London’s maritime trade.

Roman wall Roman EC3

The Romans founded Londinium in the middle of the first century and built a wall around their city.

Ship Shipping Companies

There were once numerous ships brokers, merchant companies and passenger shipping company offices in EC3.

Tower Liberties Tower Liberties

Areas, within and without the walls of the Tower, under the jurisdiction of the Tower and independent of the City.

Bengal Court Alleys, Passages, Courts, Yards

EC3 has numerous narrow alleys, passages, hidden courts and yards which interconnect.

Clock 48 Gracechurch Street Clocks in EC3

EC3 has some magnificant clocks attached to buildings. Here are two of particluar interest.

Clock 48 Gracechurch Street Clocks in EC3

EC3 has some magnificant clocks attached to buildings. Here are two of particluar interest.

Tower of London Tower of London

Built by William the Conqueror in the 1070s to defend London.

Aldgate School Aldgate School

Situated in Aldgate Square, this is the only state school in the City of London and is a primary school.

Monks History of Relgious Orders

In medieval times, four religious orders established sites in this part of the City.

Beating Bounds Ancient Customs

In EC3 at All Hallows by The Tower two ancient ceremonies continue.