EC3 Ships

Steamship’s Prow

Steamship Prow Holland House

A steamship with its smoking funnel ploughing through the waves by the sculptor J Mendes da Costa, can be found on the south east corner of Holland House in Bury Street.

Holland House was built in 1916 as the London headquarters of Dutch Shipping Company William H Muller & Co.

This was one of the first steel framed buildings in London designed by the Dutch architect Hendrik Berlage who had been influenced by buildings he saw in America when he visited in 1911.

Boat & Oars

Boat & Oars on Waterman's Hall

This is the Coat of Arms of the Company of Watermen & Lightermen and can be found on the facade of their Hall in St Mary at Hill.

It consists of a boat and crossed oars supported by two dolphins.