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Find out about the history, the buildings, finance and commerce, the gardens and events in EC3.

The majority of EC3 lays within what was once the Roman city of Londinium and surviving sections of the Roman wall, that once encircled the City, can be seen near Tower Hill.

EC3 also includes a small part of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and it is here that you will find the Tower of London and the former Royal Mint.

For centuries the district has been at the heart of banking, insurance and international trade, and until well into the twentieth century was the maritime quarter of the City of London and the maritime insurance capital of the world.

Over the last 2000 years the City of London has constantly had to adapt to change in order to compete as one of the world’s leading centres of finance and business.

One of the biggest changes in EC3 is its commercial buildings. Today it is the designated tall quarter of the City and it’s here you’ll find the largest number of tall buildings clustered together in London.

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EC3 includes a mix of buildings, some of which are from the 18th century.

Gardens and green spaces are dotted all over EC3 including Aldgate Square.

The City of London is a global business hub for finance &  commerce.

The latest News and Events in EC3 

EC3 has an interesting history and In Roman times included their marketplace.