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The Gunpowder Plot

June to September 2022

Corgi Cam

The Gunpowder Plot is a thrilling new immersive experience which takes place in a purpose-designed immersive theatre space in Tower Vaults, at the Tower of London.

The vaults sit beneath the infamous Tower Hill site where much of the prelude to the Gunpowder Plot took place before Guy Fawkes’ torture and eventual death.

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Tower Ward Elections

The following Ward Councillors were elected at the election held in March 2022.

  • Aaron Anthony Jose Hasan D'Souza
  • Marianne Bernadette Fredericks, Deputy
  • Jason Scott Groves
  • Sheriff Nicholas Stephen Leland Lyons (Alderman)
  • James Richard Tumbridge

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The Medieval City
Medieval city

In the Middle Ages the City of London was the centre of commerce and trade.

Around 80,000 people lived within the City Walls, and the City was full of narrow and twisting streets.

Many of these streets and passageways that we still walk down today, follow the same layout as the medieval City.

Step into the medieval City of London and discover the people and places that defined the Square Mile in the Middle Ages by walking this Self-guided Walk.

Great Fire of London Walk

June 2022

Great fire of London

Find out on this family sixty minute interactive walk how the Great Fire started, spread and was finally stopped.

See Great Fire of London family walk for more information.

Windows into History
Windows into history

As part of the Leadenhall 700 year celebrations, the Museum of London have taken over the windows of shop unit 43 to 45, to give visitors an insight into iconic moments from Leadenhall’s history.

See Museum of London’s Windows into History for more information.

Sculpture in the City
Sculpture Leadenhall Market

Each year, in partnership with local businesses, the City of London has a selection of artworks by internationally-acclaimed and emerging artists on sites around the City.

The 11th Edition will launch on 21 June 2022

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Tower of London’s ‘Superbloom’
Tower of London

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen, the Tower of London sowed over 20 million seeds in the moat in Spring 2022 to provide a flower display from June to September 2022.

Designed to attract pollinators, visitors are able to wander along a weaving path into the centre of the flowers and listen to a specially commissioned sound installation to make them feel at home amongst the bees and butterflies.

Superbloom in construction

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