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Roman Wall House

Roman Wall House

Source: Hopkins Architects Ltd

Hopkins Architects Ltd and construction company Balfour Beatty plc are responsible for the new building on Crutched Friars and Vine Street which replaces the former Roman Wall House and Emperor House.

The height of the building is limited to thirteen storeys, two of which are below ground. This limitation is to protect views to Tower Bridge and to the Queen’s Walk along the south side of the river Thames.

The site is historically sensitive due to the remains of a bastion tower and part of the 4th century Roman Wall that once encircled the Roman city of Londinium.

There will be a new gallery and a café so that visitors will be able to see the remains of the wall.

This new development is a mixed‐use scheme with a combination of public space, offices and exclusive accommodation for 654 students of King’s College London.

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